Smart & Green Mobility

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The Netherlands is driving the future of mobility. Whether it’s smart, green or safe mobility, The Netherlands is home to many hotbeds of innovation and expertise ranging from car sharing, MaaS solutions, EV vehicles, autonomous driving living labs, smart traffic control systems and smart signs.

The goal of our presence at Smart Cities NY is to introduce participants to the latest technologies, techniques and tools to create simple affordable smart & green mobility solutions for their home cities or companies. This process will prove how quickly cities and companies can identify, solve and share viable “traffic” solutions globally.

Below you can find Dutch propositions focussed on urban mobility concepts of the future. Click on each pitchline for more information:

Autonomous driving
2getthere realizes automated transit applications, ranging from Automated People Movers to Shared Autonomous Vehicles

Traffic Management 
Enabling safer driving and congestion free streets through the innovative use of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things (YAZAMTEC)

TomTom offers many API’s for Smart Mobility, globally from our database with historic & live traffic out of 550 million devices

Connected sensors engineered to fit your business (TWTG)

Sustainable transport
Facilitating a modal shift towards bicycles by providing policy improving data and information with smart algorithms and sensors (Lumiguide)

Cycling country no.1 the Netherlands could help you to increase the number of (urban) cyclists within your city, state, country (Dutch Cycling Embassy)

Last mile delivery is ready for a new revolution. We deliver it by bike (

Mobility Planning & Strategy
Using urban mobility planning for more vital, social, sustainable and attractive cities (Goudappel Coffeng)

Helping to get smart and green mobility solutions into the market, i.c. automated public transport (OC Mobility)

Enabling better decision-making through the use of data for all stakeholders―government, business, and residents (Deloitte)

Urban Data Management demonstrates the value of repurposing data to serve multiple cases for smart and connected travel (Atos)

Smart Mobility Tradeshow
Intertraffic is world’s largest and most influential tradeshow in the field of traffic technology and smart mobility

Brochure ‘The Netherlands: a living lab for smart mobility solutions’
The Netherlands has an ecosystem of world class suppliers, knowledge institutes and service providers. From design, architecture, car and equipment manufacture through to innovative new technologies and green smart mobility solutions.

In this brochure some actual highlights.