Cross-sectoral Smart City

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As Mayor Aboutaleb of Rotterdam stated in his introduction, ‘the search for solutions to global challenges also requires international collaboration, sharing knowledge and natural resources’. To encourage these kinds of international cooperation and collaboration, the Dutch delegation consists – apart from our tracks ‘Circular Building & Development’ and ‘Smart & Green Mobility’ – also of companies active in the cross-sectoral fields of Smart Cities.

Research, Development & Strategy

Sustainability Scan, Frame and Design aims to improve cities into healthy urban ecosystems (FABRIcations)

An important challenge for cities and communities is working together and sharing knowledge; this is where GSC3 can lend a hand.

The prime City Consultant, shaping a better world in the built environment (ARUP)

Social Impact Measurement (KPN)

Startup bootcamp

Apart from the tracks Circular Building and Smart & Green Mobility, the Consulate General of the Netherlands in New York is organizing a bootcamp designed to get a Smart Cities startup/scale-up delegation acquainted with the US Smart Cities ecosystem. The mission aims to strengthen collaborations and partnerships and to provide Dutch Smart Cities scale-ups the opportunity to further look into expansion or business opportunities in the East Coast of the US. The delegation consists of the following companies:

PHYSEE uses glass to make buildings smart and sustainable without compromising on the architectural design

Sanitronics has been working on a revolutionary self cleaning toilet system for the public environment. Where sustainability durability and cost efficiency have been the key factors during the innovation process.

Enabling safer driving and congestion free streets through the innovative use of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things (YAZAMTEC)

Gyre creates impact design solutions to enhance the lifestyle of the conscious consumer of the future

Metabolic Foundation uses human-centered design to create localized solutions that leverage open-source technology, the sharing economy, and waste as a resource.

Nowi is developing a power module which enables Internet of Things sensors to live forever. Simply, Plug & Forget.

We are the City: Optimizing communication between Citizens and Local Government (Riab Telematics/ From Idea to Implementation. Project managers who deliver results (Vinu)

Amsterdam Innovation Exchange Lab: A unique 2hr hand-ons rapid prototyping workshop to create viable smart and green mobility solutions for international officials.
Both Tapp and IoTLivingLab/Amsixl are participating in Amsterdam Innovation Exchange Lab.The goal of this workshop is to introduce city officials from around the world how the dutch develop quick bottom up and practice solutions. Participants will learn the “Dutch Approach” using simple, affordable and fast techniques to co-create smart & green mobility solutions. This quick experiment will prove how quickly cities can identify, solve and share viable “traffic” solutions globally. Participants of the workshop will break up into smart mobility teams lead by captains of the industry ranging from traffic safety, car sharing, autonomous driving, smart signs, electric vehicles and living labs. City officials are encouraged to take their solutions back to their home cities to demonstrate or develop further with their smart mobility partner(s).