Circulair Building

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The Netherlands is a frontrunner in the field of circular building and circular city planning. The Dutch government has the objective of making the entire national economy run 100% on reusable materials by 2050. Many Dutch companies are working on the circular transition and offer innovative solutions  to make this objective a reality.

The focus of the Dutch delegation at SCNY is to show these solutions and how the companies help cities facing important challenges, now and in the future.

Below you can find Dutch propositions focused on concepts of circular building of the future.

Madaster is the global online platform for registration of materials and products used in the built environment

The Polder Roof is a smart city solution for climate adaptation by using flat roofs (MetroPolder Company)

PHYSEE uses glass to make buildings smart and sustainable without compromising on the architectural design

Solving the challenge of circular urban environment by combining hospitality and ‘Treating Life Well©’ (QO Amsterdam.


Sanitronics has been working on a revolutionary self cleaning toilet system for the public environment. Where sustainability durability and cost efficiency have been the key factors during the innovation process.

We treat (human) waste water with modular decentral systems and recover water and nutrients for foodproduction (SEMiLLA Sanitation Hubs)

Urban planning, landscape design, Architecture, interior architecture

How to make a derelict, polluted piece of land into an incremental Circular Urban District? (Space&Matter)

The products of MVRDV’s unique approach to design vary, ranging from buildings of all types and sizes, to urban plans and vision.