Enabling safer driving and congestion free streets through the innovative use of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things

Smart Parking The Hague

The Hague is one of the most vibrant, attractive and busiest cities of the Netherlands with a growing flow of visitors coming to the city center for sightseeing and shopping. Given the limited street parking capacity, visitors spend unnecessary time looking for a vacant parking place on street, often due to a lack of information and guidance.

This situation is a cause of traffic congestion, air pollution and urban noise (30% of total urban congestion and air pollution according to multiple studies). YAZAMTEC was invited by the city of The Hague to deliver it’s “Parking Hero” solution in two shopping districts. The solution will use real time sensors data to automate the driver’s journey directly to a vacant parking location on street, therefore helping the drivers to drastically reduce the time spent on the road and as a consequence reduce the overall traffic congestion, air pollution and road risks due to parking stress.

In addition to automated parking navigation, this project will deliver multiple value added services to improve the efficiency of parking patrolling, increase the visibility of electric charging locations, improve the accessibility to people with special needs and improve the shopping experience.


WTC Prinses Beatrixlaan 582
2595 BM The Hague
The Netherlands

Amine Mouadden
Zakaria Fassi Fihri