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TomTom offers many API’s for Smart Mobility, globally from our database with historic & live traffic out of 550 million devices.

TomTom is on a mission to reduce traffic congestion and transform mobility across the world. TomTom’s Smart Mobility API’s can truly contribute to improving our life in cities and out on the road. With our API’s, cities can build applications that will help decreasing congestion, smoother parking, create a better environment, shortening travel time, better planning of roadworks and many more. Check our API’s at License keys are released upon request and with 2.500 transactions per day for free, developers can start developing and testing straight away!

“TomTom City” is a web portal that provides live and historical traffic and travel information services to help all transport and mobility stakeholders – from consumers through to traffic management experts who are dealing with traffic and congestion in cities. The portal uses traffic information available on a city by city basis to monitor the live traffic situation, identify problem areas, analyzing the cause of the bottlenecks and to influence drivers’ behavior to ease congestion areas and optimize the traffic flow.

The “TomTom Traffic Index” illustrates that congestion is a big issue for many cities around the world, with congestion up by 13% globally since 2008.

Founded in 1991, TomTom has grown from a Dutch-based start-up company into a leading multi-national, global brand with products sold to customers across various markets reaching over 800 million people around the world every day. Numerous cities have adopted our smart mobility solutions, such as Amsterdam, Berlin, Frankfurt and Moscow.


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