How to make a derelict, polluted piece of land into an incremental Circular Urban District?

Space&Matter is a multidisciplinary spatial design practice based in Amsterdam. By merging architecture, social design, online platforms and systems thinking, the office is constantly pushing the envelope of the spatial discipline.

The office is a forerunner in the field of circularity and creates urban prototypes for resilient and socially inclusive living environments. With these prototypes Space&Matter showcases alternative ways of property and area development that can be made to fit any context.

The most exemplary urban prototype is De Ceuvel, a post-industrial and polluted wasteland transformed into a creative eco-hub. A lush sanitizing garden was planted with soil-cleaning plants (phytoremediation). In this garden sixteen discarded houseboats were retrofitted to offer working spaces to creative and clean-tech entrepreneurs. The project was published globally as the epitome of the circular economy.

Other prototypes include an 1800 sqm. rooftop aquaponic farm in the middle of The Hague (, a kickstarter platform for transforming vacant office buildings into affordable housing (, a self-sufficient floating neighborhood ( and the repurposing of 28 vacant bridge control houses into a hotel (

Space&Matter loves undertaking unconventional, sustainable and meaningful projects, which connect people with each other and their built environment. Themes such as community, food and circularity are therefore always high on the agenda. In addition to buildings and concepts, Space&Matter designs online platforms and (offline) processes to involve people in an accessible way in the creative process of making cities livable.


Johan van Hasseltkade 306
1032 LP Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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