Madaster is the global online platform for registration of materials and products used in the built environment.

Our planet is a closed system where all materials have value and should not be wasted. By giving materials an identity, we can use them in our economy. Through registration and documentation using material passports we can reuse materials in a circular economy and eliminate waste. The Madaster Platform facilitates registration, documentation and valuation of materials used in the built environment to such extent that the material consumption of our economy can last for future generations through circularity and the circular economy. Waste can be eliminated by giving an identity to materials through documentation and registration. Information about materials and products registered must be available to individuals and organisations as efficiently as possible through a sustainable service that is compliant with data privacy and security requirements. The Madaster Platform supports automated processing of Building Information Models to ease registration of materials and products. Users pay a yearly subscription fee based on the metrics of the real estate registered. Data is owned by the entity that owns the real estate object and will only be shared on request of the owner.


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Pablo van den Bosch