LumiGuide Smart Mobility Solutions

Facilitating a modal shift towards bicycles by providing policy improving data and information with smart algorithms and sensors.

Responsive Urban Mobility – Smart Bicycle Parking Management System

LumiGuide offers several Smart Mobility Solutions. With our Smart Bicycle Parking System for instance we look at the specific challenges facing municipalities when it comes to facilitating cyclists in finding their way around the city and moving from one form of transport to the other.

How do you manage these bicycle flows and how do you make sure all these cyclists get to where they need to go as quickly as possible? Cyclists need quick and easy access to parking facilities. LumiGuide offers a Smart Bicycle Parking Management System: a bicycle detection system that detects free parking spaces on the one hand, and a bicycle route information system that gives information on the location and number of available parking spaces on the other.

Municipalities can use the data the system generates about the flow of cyclists, the way they navigate to the parking facilities and the way they use the parking facilities to improve the bicycle lane grid, the lay-out of the parking facilities, fast lanes for regular users in paid facilities (automatic check-in), clearing out of abandoned bicycles etc.; basically, to make life easier for cyclists. In this way, we help facilitate a modal shift in the first and last mile, offering responsive urban mobility.


LumiGuide Smart Mobility Solutions
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