IoT Living Lab/AMSiXL

A unique 2hr hand-ons rapid prototyping workshop to create viable smart and green mobility solutions for international officials.

Amsterdam Innovation Exchange Lab

The goal of this workshop is to introduce city officials from around the world how the dutch develop quick bottom up and practice solutions. Participants will learn the “Dutch Approach” using simple, affordable and fast techniques to co-create smart & green mobility solutions. This quick experiment will prove how quickly cities can identify, solve and share viable “traffic” solutions globally. Participants of the workshop will break up into smart mobility teams lead by captains of the industry ranging from traffic safety, car sharing, autonomous driving, smart signs, electric vehicles and living labs. City officials are encouraged to take their solutions back to their home cities to demonstrate or develop further with their smart mobility partner(s).


IoT Living Lab/AMSiXL
Afroditekade 198
1076 DZ Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Paul Manwaring