Sustainability Scan, Frame and Design aims to improve cities into healthy urban ecosystems

FABRICations provides a three tier sustainability solution tool for scanning, framing and designing healthy urban ecosystems aiming to vitalize economy, increase life expectancy, connect people, improve resilience, apply sustainable energy resources and circular material flows for governmental institutions, project developers and investors in order to create value and better cities.

FABRICations defines six major urban challenges for sustainable transition in the next two decades. We have developed a comprehensive tool to diagnose the health state of localities in urban regions to be applied on the scale of regions, cities or buildings. This holistic approach distinguishes 6 urban challenges for sustainable transition. Recently we have been testing this sustainability tool in transforming an old prison near the city center of Amsterdam into the neighborhood of the future.

The design of our the so called Sustainability Framework ‘Bijlmer Kwartier’, based on the findings of the Sustainability Scan, aims to increase the lifespan of inhabitants with an additional 3 years. The neighborhood is completely car free, climate adaptive and heated by the cooling water of the nearby data center. The varied offering of mixed residential uses are adjustable to dynamic needs, food waste of households is collected and transformed into energy plus compost, and 98% of the building materials already on the location will be reused.

The crown jewel of ‘Bijlmer Kwartier’, as the neighborhood is called, will be our Sustainabiltiy Design for one of the existing prison towers. This building will be transformed into a vertical parc and will function as the beating heart of the plan. The Green Tower will serve as an important meeting place for social gatherings, to learn about circular processes in urban environments, to do sports and to eat and drink healthy food. A public route leads visitors along all circular features that the neighborhood of the future will carry and more. Besides generating energy by transforming waste flows, the Green Tower provides spaces for food production, consumption and education. By excavating the structure of the existing building we will build the highest indoor freeclimbing facility in Europe. The public route leads to the rooftop parc designed as a three dimensional wind garden, finally resulting in the viewing platform on top of the Green Tower, overlooking the Bijlmer Kwartier, the neighbourhood of the future.


Tussen de Bogen 18
1013 JB Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Eric Frijters