Last mile delivery is ready for a new revolution. We deliver it by bike

Getting your orders delivered more quickly and meanwhile save the planet?

Cities all over the world are dealing with an increase of road congestion, pollution levels, noise and safety. And it’s only getting worse. If delivery services want to adapt to these challenges and meet the requirements for a viable future, alternatives for last the mile delivery are required.

We’ve developed our delivery bikes to the most sustainable means for food and parcel delivery. Resulting in lower operating costs, greater flexibility and zero emission transportation for our partners. By doing so we’re successfully engaged as the best mobility partner for the Dutch post delivery service (PostNL) ever since 2009. Our Delivery Bike reaches speeds up to 25km/h, without the need for a license, can be parked everywhere in a split second, laughs at every traffic jam and makes everybody smile. So if you want to get ready for the future, what are you waiting for?
Afrikalaan 17-a
5232BD 's-Hertogenbosch
The Netherlands

Jan-Willem van Mourik
Robin van den Heuvel