CORE N.V. is a data center that offers IT services, consulting and training. CORE N.V. has a track record of more than 18 years offering high quality IT services to the public sector as well as to private businesses and organizations.

Throughout the years our organization has kept abreast with global developments in the IT industry. We feature a reliable infrastructure with the best in security. Our objective is to achieve the best results for our clients and guarantee continuity of our clients’ operations. We provide our customers the flexibility to access their data and applications 24/7 regardless of their location.

We make a thorough analysis of the risks to which our clients’ IT systems are exposed. We take the proper contingency measures to safeguard the continuity of your operations. By incorporating our solutions as an integral part of your IT policy we not only safeguard the continuity of your operations, but we provide you peace of mind because your IT systems are reliable.

Our data center offers a secure environment to minimize security breaches, assuring the integrity and functionality of its hosted computer environment. Depending on your needs you can use our data center either as a primary location or as a backup location.


Pietermaai 123

Tibor Bakhuis
Milangela Meyer