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Curacao Small Smart & Safe Nation

The Smart Nation movement is increasingly becoming an integral part of a country’s strategy to achieve sustainable growth across fundamental areas and opportunities to improve quality of life and efficiency. Through the integration of ICT solutions across fundamental sectors a balanced socio-economic development is pursued, while ensuring that the needs of present and future generations are still met regarding economic, social, environmental and cultural aspects aiming for economic prosperity, social inclusion and environmental protection, which constitute the foundation for sustainable development. Bureau Telecommunicatie en Post initiated this movement in Curaçao in 2016 with the conference, “Smart Nation: Curaçao objectives beyond 2020”, and is taking it further by building on the success of the event with the launch of the Curaçao Small Smart and Safe Nation (CSSSN) initiative and open platform through which collective efforts of smart nation stakeholders are rallied to achieve innovative people-centric solutions to address current and upcoming challenges Curaçao is facing. Among smart nation stakeholders, in this context, are generally considered: government, knowledge & research institutes, academia, ICT organizations, NGOs, businesses and the community. Innovation-led knowledge sharing, partnerships and collaborative ventures form the thread that ties the platform together.


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