Workshop ‘Develop Circular City Insights of the Future’

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Over 50 participants participated during the workshop “Develop Circular City Insights of the Future”, hosted by the consulate of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in New York and the city of Amsterdam. Jacqueline Cramer, Former Minister of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment, and current ambassador for Circular Economy of the Amsterdam Economic Board, kicked off the meeting by emphasising the need to share best practices worldwide and keep circular economy on the political agenda’s.

The workshop was a very engaging collaborative design process for circular cities. The participants split into five groups to dive deep into the themes of urban mining, mobility, energy, data driven policy-making and urban resilient community building. With a design thinking tool the groups formulated challenges and design requirements and shared inspirational worldwide examples of how to use data to make build a circular city. Lots of cities are testing which data is needed and help enhance circularity. The role of communities is vital to make data driven circular cities successful for the long-term. Data driven activities should be transparent and easy accessible. The key insight from the sessions is that there are many inspiring examples were technology and data help spark the discussion on circular economy. However, the next step is that cities should play a crucial role in the de-fragmentation process of these various insights in order the leverage the importance of a sustainable world.