Over Morgen

Over Morgen (“about tomorrow” in Dutch) is a consultancy firm that specializes in urban renewal and energy transition. We use intelligent data solutions to provide our clients with information. Our “Energy Transition Atlas” uses big data analytics to identify city’s challenges and solutions for:

  • Sustainable heating and cooling
  • Solar and
  • Electric transport (chargepoint networks)

For a movie on our Energy Transition Atlas see https://vimeo.com/190979243.

Data visualization helps us in our mission to move stakeholders forward.

We used our Energy Transport Atlas to:

  • Plan, realize and optimise a chargepoint networks for electric vehicles for over 100 Cities in The Netherlands
  • Formulate a program to realize a sustainable heating grid for 100.000 residential dwellings in The Hague.
  • Make fossil-free heating and cooling policies for over 40 Cities in and outside the Netherlands
Over Morgen
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