Night Mayor Foundation

“Rebel in a suit”

The night as a meeting point for creative talent
The city’s nightlife contributes and strengthens the (inter)national position of Amsterdam a as creative capital. Here, like-minded individuals find each other and creative talent develops, allowing the creative industry to bloom which in turn increases urban economy.

What is a Night Mayor?
The Night Mayor is a independent non-profit organisation dedicated to ensure a dynamic nightlife and helps to build bridges between the municipality, (small) business owners and residents. By creating a mutual understanding, the Night Mayor changes the game.

A view to the future
Amsterdam is a city of innovation. The introduction of 24-hour permits in the Hotel and Catering Industry in 2013 marked a major change. The Night Mayor was actively involved in introducing these licenses. It was a significant moment for the city of Amsterdam.


Night Mayor Foundation
Stichting N8BM A’DAM
1011 TW Amsterdam
The Netherlands