City of Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a key launchpad into the European market, with a stable business climate, diverse talent pool, entrepreneurial mindset and a work-life balance that is among the best on the planet. Citizens and visitors are part of a thriving business ecosystem – alongside cutting-edge startups, international corporations, social entrepreneurs and award-winning innovation.

Although Amsterdam is famous for it’s 17th Century canals, it is although a lighthouse of digital transformation. Amsterdam’s Smart City program is a public private collaboration with over 120 companies, knowledge institutes and governmental organizations and has made Amsterdam a testbed for new technologies. Within the City of Amsterdam it’s CTO office is responsible to grab opportunities and avoid potential downsides that come with the development of new technologies. It is also responsible for the digital transformation of the government itself.

We are here to learn, to find partnerships and to talk about our best successes and failures.

City of Amsterdam
Amstel 1
1011 PN Amsterdam
The Netherlands