Safety & Security: Trains boarding!… Is all the malware checked-in?

Saturday, October 28 2017
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These days public transportation organizations are leveraging more on technology to remotely control their infrastructure. During this session we will provide you an insight in relevant cyber threats and actors for the transportation industry. In addition we will also showcase how we used a red team (ethical hackers) to create factual proof that not only a public transportation organization was able to control stations, crowd control systems and train tracks.

In a connected complex operational IT environment a paper- or workshop based threat assessment approach isn’t sufficient anymore, you want to test the exposure of your cyber threats in the real world with real use cases.


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The world around us is changing. Our clients are facing unprecedented disruption, and more than ever, industry lines are blurring and converging. Smart City efforts are a great example of that convergence. Sensors and connected technologies are helping to transform public services across transportation, sanitation, energy, and broad constituent engagement. Working together, new ideas and new technologies can be brought to bear in concrete ways that enhance the lives of citizens and create a brighter future, in terms of Quality of Life, Economic Competitiveness and Sustainability.

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