Resilience: Smart Utility Grid

Wednesday, October 11 2017
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Rotterdam, in collaboration with Net Administrator Stedin, Siemens Netherlands, Lyv Smart Living and Omnetric, will establish a smart grid in Rotterdam. The smart grid – the smart grid – helps to better match supply and demand. The project is unique by the parties involved, the scale size that makes this possible and the new energy market that can arise.


City Profile

Rotterdam is the second largest city of the Netherlands with more than 600.000 inhabitants.

The Smart City Rotterdam program is working on the smart city of the future. By exploring new urban integral digital applications, in conjunction with the Next Economy Roadmap, Rotterdam will continue to be an attractive city for residents, businesses and visitors in 2018 and the future. The Roadmap’s own tasks and programs are translated into urban tasks, projects and programs and conducted in close cooperation with companies, knowledge institutes and other stakeholders. In doing so, strong efforts are made to integrate all parties.

The City of Rotterdam has special interest and focus on the themes resilient, sustainability & circularity, mobility, energy transition, life sciences & health, clean tech, food and skills for the next entrepreneurial society.

Mission Projects