Resilience: Digital City communication platform

Wednesday, October 11 2017
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This is is an object-oriented 3D environment that acts as a communication platform for the virtual city. The municipality, like the real city, manages infrastructure and municipal facilities, but it is also open to residents, visitors and businesses to make their applications visible. In the digital city, data can be made visible to enter into dialogue with the city.


City Profile

Entrepreneurship and innovation are part of the Rotterdam DNA. Strategically located in the Randstad, along the west coast of the Netherlands, one of the largest and most important metropolitan areas in Europe, Rotterdam is the place to be for innovators, start-ups and venture capitalists.

Being a delta city and with most of the region below sea level Rotterdam has always had to deal with challenges. Over time Rotterdam has not only found ways to cope with its watery environment, but also to turn it into economic opportunity and a source of trade and prosperity. Another de ning factor for Rotterdam’s innovative spirit is World War II, when most of the city was attened during heavy bombardments. Only a
few days after the tragedy Rotterdam decided not to rebuild the old city, but to reinvent it into a new, modern one. Of course the port has always played an important role in Rotterdam’s development and success as hotbed for entrepreneurship and innovation.

Rotterdam has its feet rmly on the ground and its eyes on the future. With global trends like a growing population and increasing land, energy and food scarcity, the city now focusses on themes like sustainability and circularity, new economy and becoming a smart city. A network of local government, companies, knowledge institutions, service providers and nancers work actively together in the city’s Innovation Ecosystem to develop new products, technologies and services that will bring the Rotterdam economy forward. The Smog Free Tower, the Floating Farm, The Dutch Windwheel, BlueCity010… these are just some of the many examples of the entrepreneurial and innovative ‘make it happen’ spirit of Rotterdam.

Rotterdam goes for resilience

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