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Wednesday, October 25 2017
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Next Urban Mobility has recently launched a Park & Bike concept that offers an alternative for last-mile transportation for visitors of the city of Amsterdam. People can make a reservation for a parking space at the outskirt of the city center and we make sure there is a bike available for them to reach their end-destination. Availability of both a parking space and the use of a bike is therefore guaranteed.

The Park & Bike offer is a combination of both the parking fee and a bike rental fee. For time slots of 4, 12 and 24 hours people have unlimited access of both at a fixed price. This will give Park & Bike users more flexibility in their time schedule.

With the Park & Bike App people can make a reservation, unlock their bike via bleu-tooth and pay for the combined Park & Bike offer upon their return.

This Park & Bike offer is currently tested at the parking garage Olympic stadium, Amsterdam. When successful, this offer could be implemented at other parking locations at the outskirts of the city.


Company Profile

Next Urban Mobility develops and implements smart mobility solutions for the cities of tomorrow.

Modern cities need to be accessible, safe and healthy to live in and to stay attractive for its inhabitants and commuters. Therefore urban mobility needs to change.

Next Urban Mobility enables this change through the hearts of the citizens. Because innovations are only successful when they are actually used and change the mobility behavior in a structural way. We develop and integrate solutions that pro-actively address the needs and wishes of citizens. To achieve this we work together with all relevant stakeholders and develop a sustainable business case.

Our team consists of experienced experts on mobility, digitalization, marketing and implementation.

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