Mobility: Empower local government with new levels of service, efficiency, and transparency

Saturday, October 28 2017
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“We’ve leveraged the power of the cloud to establish a platform where people can work from anywhere and on any device.”


The ability to take work on the go is critical to GSA’s highly mobile workforce. Not only do GSA staff oversee the real estate portfolio for the entire U.S. government, but many work on-site at construction zones or in foreign countries — or even war zones — managing complex projects through their tablets or smartphones. “Our employees can order parts, complete contracts, or do anything they need to do to address a need —seamlessly in the cloud without thick clients or double data entry,” says Hashmi. In the aftermath of super-storm Sandy on the east coast of the U.S., as government agencies and citizens struggled to recover, GSA employees were able to support them every step of the way, on-site within storm damaged areas such as lower Manhattan, connecting with each other and agency data in the cloud. “We’re transforming government with Salesforce. There’s no more business as usual.”


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Government CRM solutions from Salesforce are revolutionizing the capabilities of the public sector just as it has the private sector. Today’s most innovative governments are adopting the service models of business, viewing their citizens as customers, because today’s voter expects public sector agencies to deliver the same high-quality service as the private sector. Salesforce government CRM helps agencies build stronger connections between citizens, employees, governments, services, and the information they all need. That makes government more responsive, effective, and above all, efficient.

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