Healthy Urban Living: Integration and Replication for Sustainable Cities (IRIS)

Saturday, November 4 2017
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The IRIS project, led by the city of Utrecht, will further develop ICT urban platforms, focused on the use-case of integration between energy and electric vehicles. And use the value of flexibility in supply and demand of energy at district level to implement a market model that defines roles and benefits for all stakeholders, including citizens as prosumers. The market model will be connected with the urban platform, to build new services and business cases in the energy-mobility domain, and serve as use-case for other urban challenges.

The participation of Utrecht is perfectly contributing to one of the strenghts of its region, namely innovation in co-creation with stakeholders, citizen engagement and inclusive design.
The city of Amersfoort, the orher major city in this region, belongs to the top braodband cities in Europe. The city is well-known for its unique ecosystem that provides a superb infrastructure for the development of ICT services, offers living labs with end-users able to test a braod range of ICT services and offers business support especially focused on the development of ICT services.

Amersfoort is part of the Utrecht Region’s ecosystem and will therefore interact in the IRIS project through participation in open meetings and supporting the open access policy of the project to contribute to intelligent, user-driven and demand-oriented city infrastructures and services.

The Dutch participants of IRIS are: KPN, Civity, Stedin, QBuzz, Eneco, Universiteit Utrecht, LomboxNet, Stichting BoEx’91 en Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht.


City Profile

City of Utrecht Region

Utrechts digital strategy: Key is including citizens and business in the creation and delivery of smart services for healthy urban living in the domains of smart mobility, healthy living, air quality, sustainable energy production and urban (re)development and culture.

Welcome to the Utrecht Region – Healthy Urban Living. We bring together a rare mix of accessible scale and global capacity, where millennia of history and bold, pragmatic innovation integrate seamlessly. Ample green space brings this inventive urban region to life.

The Utrecht Region is a fast growing region. That brings challenges like air quality, traffic congestion, pressure on recreational areas and green surroundings. We believe in happy and healthy lives. That is why we use the challenges connected to growth as changes for new bright and bold innovative solutions. Solutions that we are happy to share with you as urbanization touches lives around the globe.

Utrecht is a European frontrunner, one of Europe’s most competitive regions according to the EU, in policies and implementing urban solutions on air quality, smart mobility, urban sustainable planning and social inclusivity, renewable energy & energy efficiency, green public spaces & urban biodiversity.

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