Startups: Becoming a Smart Society: an algorithm that uncovers business acitivty

Friday, October 6 2017
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The municipality of Eindhoven and Shintō Labs have developed a data application that can track activity of companies which could possibly ask for an environmental control. The application combines multiple data sources and determines, based on the algorithms, not only where the companies are located, but also whether or not risks might entail. The system presents these companies on a map, ranking them based on the level of risk. This “risk factor” is determined by an algorithm. Through this, the municipality can decide to have these companies visited by supervisors to determine whether there is a violation.

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Shintō Labs is a small boutique software company which offers data analytics solutions to local, central and international governmental organisations in order to help them work data-driven. We are small enough for personal contact, but big enough to deliver top results. Our team is flexible and we only work with the best and most experienced professionals and young top talents.

Our work starts where existing practices, advice and solutions no longer suffice. Together with our clients we work on complex and sometimes sensitive issues, using our software platform, data analytics capabilities and personal skills. We deliver our data analytics solutions to government departments because we believe that data-driven innovation will result in a better, safer, cleaner, and healthier city.


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