Startups: Connected and automated driving

Thursday, October 5 2017
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ATeam will showcase the various parts of the car and explain the technology of the ATeam self-driving vehicle. We will show the vehicle communicating with smart traffic lights which provides necessary information to automate the vehicle. Additionally, we will show how cooperative driving makes traffic intersections more efficient.


Company Profile

ATeam Eindhoven is a collaborative student team between Eindhoven University of Technology and Fontys University of Applied Sciences. Students from various departments of both universities combine their knowledge and skill to design and develop technologies for an autonomous and cooperative vehicle. In addition to radars and cameras, the ATeam vehicle also uses information from wireless communication with other vehicles and with smart infrastructure to navigate various scenarios and environments. The ATeam believes that wireless technology on the road enhances the automated functionalities of a smart vehicle. Working in the Eindhoven region provides students with a unique opportunity to learn and work on state-of-the-art technologies as Eindhoven is coming up as a leader in smart cities. 

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