Safety & Security: Future proof smart city hub’s

Thursday, October 5 2017
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Sustainder will show how you can create smart city networks by transforming the public lighting poles into future proof smart city hub’s.

Sustainder is introducing a new generation of advanced LED lighting and luminaires. Developed from our vision of the future, their modular concept and open architecture make them ready now for whatever developments tomorrow will bring. Our luminaires are all-round and future-proof luminaires.

Choosing this luminaire gives you all the current smart-lighting possibilities – and ensures you are prepared for future developments and opportunities. Via an API, this energy-saving LED luminaire can be connected online to any back-office or other system for remote control and monitoring. The luminaire comes equipped with various sensors that make installation simpler, reduce maintenance costs and extend service life. And thanks to a unique cassette system, it’s easy to extend Anne’s capabilities in the future, too. Just add new sensors to the cassette and turns our luminaires into an advanced, smart-city hub.

In Barcelona we will for example show how an integrated advanced soundcamera in our luminaire,  can contribute to the safety in the public domain.


Company profile

Sustainder is a new and innovative Dutch company that develops and delivers smart city solutions to clients in the Netherlands and abroad. Sustainder combines the high-tech production facilities of a former Philips Lighting plant with the innovative drive of Dazzletek, a specialist in intelligent management systems for public lighting.

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