Veiligebuurt BV

Veiligebuurt (StreetWatch) makes neighbourhoods safes. We reduces high impact crimes (burglaries) by 30 to 50%

Our ultimate objective is for the crime rate in Europe to decline by 30 to 50% thanks to neighbours using our app in its localized version in any city and town across the continent. StreetWatch will be the smart version of the Neighbourhood Watch, where we connect neigbours with each other and with data/information in their neighbourhood (police information, alarm systems). As a consequence, home insurance companies will significantly lower their monthly premiums giving policy holders the more reason to actively participate in watching over their neighbourhood.

Our business objectives is to roll-out StreetWatch in multiple EU countries/ municipalities additionally to The Netherlands, reach over 10,000,000 users (MAU). Our current achievements are  we have 35% Monthly Active Users, 60% Weekly Active Users, have a 20% adoption rate within a our selected neighbourhoods and create a viral movement with 2-3% organic growth per week, work together with local police officers, have over 45,000 users and connected with data points (IoT devices, open source, new data points) and run a flawless and scalable IT platform.

Veiligebuurt BV was founded in 2015 by 3 entrepreneurs who saw a need in the Dutch market, based on rapid adoption of ‘WhatsApp-groups’ for neighbours to connect and collaborate on preventing crime and keeping their homes and streets safe. In response, they developed a built-for-purpose app called “Veiligebuurt” (StreetWatch), which has enjoyed great early adoption in selected cities. They have since grown into a start-up with nine employees. In 2016, they initiated and a test with Veiligebuurt in order to prove an internationally scalable . The launch in Köln was to prove that the business is saleable beyond The Netherland


Veiligebuurt BV
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The Netherlands

Tim van Belkom
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