‘Innovation’ is a massively misunderstood term; used too casually and flippantly. But we at TWTG, we’re serious about it. Our mission is to transform technology and fundamentally make the mundane magical. To do this, we focus our attention on IoT-connected hardware.
TWTG is a fast growing 25-person-strong innovation outfit with a loyal roster of blue chip clients: including Dell, KMPG, PostNL, and Vodafone. But it’s not who we are that’s important… it’s what we can do for you that counts most.

As R&D partner we’ve seen firsthand how many batteries IoT devices get through, which got us thinking: batteries kill business cases. If the electricity grid can rely on renewable sources, why can’t IoT-connected devices do the same? We invented our patented Light Energy solution for just that, energy harvesting for the IoT.

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The Netherlands

John Tillema
CTO / founder