Sustainder is a new and innovative Dutch company that develops and delivers smart city solutions to clients in the Netherlands and abroad. Sustainder combines the high-tech production facilities of a former Philips Lighting plant with the innovative drive of Dazzletek, a specialist in intelligent management systems for public lighting.

It begins with light

We live in a world in which technology is changing fast and public space is becoming ‘smarter.’ New technologies provide the eyes and ears – the senses – for this public space. We don’t know exactly what form the future will take, but the trends are clear and irreversible. Now is not the time to wait and see, but to move. Our future-proof solutions are designed with the coming transformation in mind. Our high-quality, intelligent LED luminaires enable you to take advantage of the latest technologies at low financial risk.

We see the lighting network as the central hub for the smart city. An open system to which new applications can be added. In a fast-changing world, it’s vital to offer future-proof solutions. All our luminaires are therefore based on a modular design concept, and include basic sensor technologies that make it possible to measure temperature, light sensitivity, and energy use, among other things. In this way we help build a sustainable, safe, and healthy society.

There are 6 principles we follow that guide what we do:

  1. Be future-proof

The lighting network is the foundation for the smart city, with the street lamp as a starting point. Thanks to our unique cartridge system, built-in connectivity, and open architecture, our lighting fixtures are ready today for future developments.

  1. Walk the talk

There is plenty of talk about smart lighting, but too little action. We do what we say so you can begin today, with quality products from our own factory. Dutch design, made in Holland.

  1. Be committed

Contributing to the transition to a sustainable society is part of our DNA, with committed people and future-proof products.

  1. Be agile

The speed at which society and technology are changing has made multi-year master plans a thing of the past. The new world demands fast, flexible partners and future-proof solutions.

  1. Partner up

We have our own specialist role within the eco-system of smart city development. By working with complementary parties, we can achieve the optimal results.

  1. Keep it clean

As well as functional, public lighting can be beautiful. By combining functions inside our luminaires, we can help keep public spaces looking clean, tidy, and clutter-free.


Kapitein Grantstraat 9
7821 AP Emmen
The Netherlands

Niek de Jong
Maurits de Boer
Head of Business Development
Marco Bosch
Marketing Director