Social Charging

Social Charging eliminates the problem of charging of electric vehicles. Social Charging enables electric drivers to share chargepoints. We increase the efficiency of chargepoints (up to 200%) and solve “range anxiety”. We also provide smart charging services with our app. With Smart Charging we enable electric drivers to charge greener and with lower costs.

We are the only chargepoint app in the world that allows sharing of electric chargepoints from different chargepoint operators (CPO’s). Everybody in the electric mobility value chain benefits from our product: electric car drivers, energy companies, CPO’s, utilities.

This year we are operational on all public chargepoints in The Netherlands. We built the corporate social charging app for the biggest chargepoint operator in the world. We initiated and take part in the biggest smart charging pilot in the world

Problems solved:

  • Inefficient use of chargepoints for electric vehicles
  • Range anxiety of electric drivers
  • Smart Charging, demand response/ peak shaving

This year we are expanding in The Netherlands with our corporate Social Charing app. Many big companies in The Netherlands are switching to electric fleets. There is much interest for our corporate app as it increases efficiency of chargepoint use and allows more cars to charge with less investments. Also we are looking for international expansion.


Social Charging
Kleine Koppel 26
3812 PH Amersfoort
The Netherlands

Gerwin Hop
Co-founder & Co-ownder