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Savana Solutions is a Software Development company that offers custom software/ app development services on diverse technology platforms like Microsoft, Java, PHP, Open Source, BI. With rich and varied experience in software development and stringent quality standards, we offer utmost qualitative, on-time and cost-effective software solutions.

We specialize in solving complex social challenges such as people behaviour analysis, effective communication between residents and city administration using thought process and information technology. We are the winner of Startup in the resident program The Hague 2016. As a solution, we have developed  Mycleancity app – Contribute to a cleaner with an innovative way.

Our app solves three purposes all together in single platform–

1) an efficient multi-level communication system among residents, municipality, semi-government organizations and NGOs.

2) Create awareness by using different motivational drives as rewarding system (Green, Monitory, Acknowledgement rewards)

3) Create social cohesiveness

MyCleanCity App enables effective social communication within big cities. Many cities in the Netherlands use underground waste containers, many of which are not being used properly by residents, resulting with rubbish on the streets.

It creates social consciousness by allowing users to report waste containers’ status, Is it clogged? Is it full?, Is there rubbish around the container? so that these situations are communicated to the municipality and the neighbourhood and dealt with efficiently. MyCleanCity aims to engage neighbourhoods into maintaining a cleaner city. Reporting containers are one of many features present in MyCleanCity App. The wellbeing of the city is also taken care of. Issues as broken playgrounds, broken streetlights, damaged road surfaces… can also be reported through the app. Residents are able to keep in touch through the forum for social cohesiveness. Active users are rewarded with credits which they can redeem with different motivational drives such as Coupons, Acknowledgement, Green reward (Tagging/ planting a tree in the city), or donate in their community.


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