What’s different about us is that we strive to make a zero positive impact on the environment, communities and cities through the power of waste and technology. Our business is social and environmental impact. Reducing significant amounts of CO2 in the process while increasing good will from the public by design; circular economy evolves around closing loops. As a social enterprise we close the loop and stay ahead of the field in Community CO2 Reduction, Waste Management & Recycling.

RecyQ is a cleantech social enterprise with a mobile Zero Waste platform. Selected by Startup in Residence 1.0, we started in Amsterdam Southeast district in 2016 raising awareness about the need to separate waste materials in order to reduce CO2 from waste incineration; We provide residents mobile tools to participate with their own waste, track their personal CO2 reduction and `Save as you Throw` with our app. The Municipality of Amsterdam, housing authorities, community centers, businesses and schools all joined in. Parts of the CO2 savings circulate back to the community and the local economy through digital tokens, zero waste services, upcycled_reused products and employment. RecyQ makes everyone participate in the transition to a 0-Waste Amsterdam!


Bijlmerplein 858
1102 ME Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Richard Severin
Chief Circular Development
Jacintha Curwen