Live & Fun

We change the way municipalities collaborate with citizens and influence their behavior in a non-repressive way through gamification and rewards.

Live&Fun is a technology company that uses location intelligence to interact with virtual objects in the real life.

Our solution is an AR platform and a mobile app to influence citizens’ behavior in a non-repressive way through gamification components and reward system.

We solve social issues related to human behavior such as:

  • parking in designated spots;
  • make citizens include more exercise in their daily routines to increase population’s health and daily exercise such as taking the bike instead of the public transport;
  • using certain routes, routes which is designated for foot traffic;
  • manage a crowd flow during city festivals and events;
  • guide and add an interactive experience to the cities’ visitors and tourists.

Live & Fun
Johan Huizingalaan 763 A
1066 VH Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Tania Kovalov
+31(0)6 27 27 41 99
Sergei Kovalov
Co Founder
+31(0)627 27 41 99