Eurofiber Netherlands

Eurofiber is a fast-growing international provider of industry leading digital infrastructure. With our fiber optic network and high-quality datacenters in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, we provide companies, government bodies and non-profit organizations a future proof infrastructure. Our vision is of an open network with infrastructure and ICT services being offered separately, allowing everyone the freedom to choose their services, applications and providers as their own needs evolve. Our infrastructure provides the basis for a smarter and more efficient deployment of resources, enabled by a permanent exchange and the unlimited availability of data. This is how we are paving the way towards a Smart Society.

A Smart Society relies on a permanent exchange and the unlimited availability of data. This calls for a reliable digital infrastructure that allows data and applications to be accessed anytime, anywhere. Our open network and datacenter deliver the capabilities organizations need to unlock the infinite possibilities of the digital world and create the optimal solution for their business. In this way, we provide the basis for connecting people, organizations and business assets in a Smart Society.

You can contact us for more information on Smart Society solutions, such as Smart City, Smart Living, Smart Energy, Smart Government, Smart Education or Smart Mobility Connected & Automated Car concepts.


Eurofiber Netherlands
Safariweg 25-31
3605 MA Maarssen
The Netherlands

Ivo Veerman
Director Direct Sales
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Vincent van Mierlo
Strategic Advisor
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