City of Utrecht Region

Utrechts digital strategy: Key is including citizens and business in the creation and delivery of smart services for healthy urban living in the domains of smart mobility, healthy living, air quality, sustainable energy production and urban (re)development and culture.

Welcome to the Utrecht Region – Healthy Urban Living. We bring together a rare mix of accessible scale and global capacity, where millennia of history and bold, pragmatic innovation integrate seamlessly. Ample green space brings this inventive urban region to life.

The Utrecht Region is a fast growing region. That brings challenges like air quality, traffic congestion, pressure on recreational areas and green surroundings. We believe in happy and healthy lives. That is why we use the challenges connected to growth as changes for new bright and bold innovative solutions. Solutions that we are happy to share with you as urbanization touches lives around the globe.

Utrecht is a European frontrunner, one of Europe’s most competitive regions according to the EU, in policies and implementing urban solutions on air quality, smart mobility, urban sustainable planning and social inclusivity, renewable energy & energy efficiency, green public spaces & urban biodiversity.

Please visit us at the Holland Paviljon and be inspired.


City of Utrecht Region
Stadsplateau 1
3521 AZ Utrecht
The Netherlands

Albert Hutschemaekers
Chief Business Development
+31(0) 302 86 96 05
Frans Jorna
Chief a.i. Smart City / Smart Government
+31(0) 30 2 86 36 12
Thomas Kruse
Senior Policy Advisor Smart Cities
+31(0) 302 86 13 15
Mariëlle van der Zanden
Chief Information Officer / Smart Cities
+31(0) 302 86 36 12
Wilma Groenewegen
Assistent Smart City Utrecht
+31(0) 30 2 86 36 12
Jeroen Kreijkamp
Alderman of Utrecht
Janette van Dijk
Project Manager Smart City Amersfoort
+31(0) 334 69 42 97
Tom Willebrandts
Business Manager
+31(0) 652 53 88 83
Heerd Jan Hoogeveen
Programme Manager Smart Cities
+31(0) 302 38 28 58
Jos van Winkel
Head Strategy City of Amersfoort