Amsterdam Smart City

Amsterdam is a key launchpad into the European market, with a stable business climate, diverse talent pool, entrepreneurial mindset and a work-life balance that is among the best on the planet. Citizens and visitors are part of a thriving business ecosystem – alongside cutting-edge startups, international corporations, social entrepreneurs and award-winning innovation.

Although Amsterdam is famous for it’s 17th Century canals, it is also a lighthouse of digital transformation. One of the key programs is Amsterdam Smart City (ASC). Amsterdam Smart City is an innovation platform with an active community thatstimulates knowledge exchange between all of the innovators in the city. We do this by facilitating an online and offline community. On you can find innovative projects executed in the city at this moment, a lot of news around innovation in the city and questions raised in the network. Amsterdam Smart City believes in the power of social and technological innovations but to realize these, it is important for public and private organizations to cooperate. For this reason Amsterdam Smart City is a public-private partnership itself, consisting of 12 partners. Together we are organizing impact on urban innovation in Amsterdam. Join the community by registering here!



Amsterdam Smart City
Kattenburgerstraat 5
1018 JA Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Lotte Duursma
Community and Program officer
Nancy Zikken
Community Manager
Frans Anton Vermast
Amsterdam Smart City Ambassador
Maaike Osieck
Head of Communications & Engagement
Kim van den Anker
Marketing and Communications Manager