Urban mobility as a decentralised energy system

This workshop focuses on the possibilities to create a sustainable mobility area. Electrification of mobility reduces CO2, airpolution and makes us less dependent of fossil sources. The workshop will give insight in the development of eMobility. Besides the focus on new energy sources (even self-sufficient cars e.g. Lightyear One) the role of mobility in a decentralised energy landscape will be highlighted. How to allocate sustainable resources, how to implement and adjust the infrastructure? In which way eMobility can be part of the future energy systems. Besides energy supply, storage and flexible demand and supply steering will be addressed. Will cars be the new components of a virtual power plant?

  • Insights in trends and development of Smart & Green Mobility
    • What challenges are cities facing (e.g. 100.000EV in Brabant)?
  • New field of playing will occur?
    • Which players? Which role? Under what circumstances?
  • Examples?
  • How to scale up?

(Text might be adapted in case other partners decide to participate)



  1. Michael van Hulst, Eneco / eXentr
    Transition of the energy ecosystem by integration of built environment, mobility and energy infrastructure
  2. Gerwin Hop, OverMorgen
    Electric vehicles require charging. Eventually millions of electric vehicles need to be charged in our private and public space.
    We can use data models to plan for effective and profitable charge point networks to accommodate vast amounts of electric vehicles.
  3. Start / scale up (tbc)


Workshop contributors: Among others the City of Breda, Amsterdam Smart City, Heijmans, Brainport Eindhoven, City of Amsterdam, City of Rotterdam, Lightwell / Lightmotion


Wanted! Cities, energy companies, automotive companies

Urban mobility as a decentralised energy system

Michael van Hulst
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Gerwin Hop