Personal bicyclist free flow and pedestrian crowd management in urban environments

In this workshop we will present the concept and operational system of personal bicyclist free flow management, as well as an operational solution for keeping a crowded city accessible under the restriction of good liveability. Also we will present Urban Strategy, an strategic and tactical instrument for balancing the urban sustainable trio comprised of urban planning, environmental quality and transportation


We will show that municipal mobility policy gives guidance to industrial partners for designing and implementing a real solution for citizens, in our case focused on bicyclists and pedestrians. We will present the policy framework, the conceptual solution, the visualisation of mobility patterns, the monitoring equipment, traffic light control interference and bicycle parking management.



  1. Ben Rutten, Eindhoven University of technology: Introduction
  2. TNO: application of Urban Strategy with the City of Amsterdam
  3. Jos van Kleef, Goudappel: Real time monitoring and prediction for all modes of traffic
  4. Paul van Koningsbruggen, Technolution: Concept of personal bicyclist free flow management system
  5. Egbert Jaspers, ViNotion: Bicycle monitoring
  6. Gerald Koenis, Spie: Integration of all IT components into a working and maintainable system
  7. Wieland Hendriksen, The Urban Future: Visualization of bicycle flows
  8. Monique Harmsen, Lumiguide, Responsive urban mobility: facilitating cyclists


Workshop contributors:

Among others: City of Amsterdam, The urban future, Spie, Technolution, ViNotion, Lumiguide, City of Helmond, Fontys


Wanted! Cities, knowledge institutes, energy companies, automotive companies, EV specialists.


Background Urban mobility in the Netherlands: Bicyclists and Pedestrians Traffic Management

Mobility is a basic human need. It is a prerequisite for a healthy economy and sustainable society. However, our current mobility system is far from sustainable: pollution, noise, congestion, inefficient use of public space and high accidents rates are drastically impacting on the economy and our well-being. At TU/e we believe that a future of fully sustainable mobility is possible and within reach. In fact, our students and over 200 researchers who conduct research on mobility related issues, are committed to accelerate the transition to a sustainable mobile future. Driven by technology, TU/e is working on solutions for a sustainable mobile future through: • Safe mobility: advanced driver assistance systems, automotive WIFI and 5G cellular connectivity, LIDAR, stereo camera systems, AI, control technology. • Clean and energy efficient mobility: fuels from electricity, cleaner engines, electrification, bicycle technology. • Lower congestion and logistics costs: data science & logistics, distributed traffic management, V2X systems. • Solving spatial issues: transition to active modalities as walking and cycling, smart cities, new sustainable and affordable mass transport systems. • High quality mobility: automated driving, affordable mobility-as-a-service.

Personal bicyclist free flow and pedestrian crowd management in urban environments

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