How to collaborate towards smart city solutions? (Signify & city of Breda)

Cities are faced with huge challenges to make their city more sustainable, livable and economically attractive. In order to achieve their ambitions, governments and businesses have to find collaboration models that can fulfill these challenges. Breda will briefly present the ambitions of the city to become a sustainable, livable and economically attractive city. The ambitions are realized in the form of pilot projects in different areas of the city. Signify is working as a partner with Breda to help the city to realize their ambitions. Signify will briefly present the process on how they work in smart city innovation processes together with the municipality of Breda. In order to implement successful smart city concepts close cooperation between private and public organizations is required. But in practice this is a huge challenge and for all parties it seems that expectations are not lived up to. What is the ideal collaboration model to create successful innovation? How should this be shaped and how can we ensure success and meet the goals on the several urban challenges a municipality has? These and other questions will be discussed in a round table session based on statements and best practices sharing of the participants.



The goal is to gather feedback and insights from businesses and municipalities on how the cooperation between all parties should be shaped in order to develop towards a smart city.


Facilitator Information

  • Hedzer de Boer, Business Development Manager Signify
  • Kees Kerstens, Policy advisor Innovation, City of Breda
How to collaborate towards smart city solutions? (Signify & city of Breda)
Creativity room
Session 3: 14.00-15.15