Future urban mobility: the role of hubs and Mobility as a Service

This workshop focuses on mobility solutions for densely populated areas and economic top locations that are congested. In this workshop we will address the concepts of Hubs and MaaS as potential alternatives to keeping dense areas accessible. We will address the following perspectives and topics:

  • The policymaking/city planners point of view.
    • What are the challenges when you need to build 10.000 residences and the MIRT-exploration only allows you to build 6000?
    • How can we fit in huge amounts of new residences in an existing city and what role does mobility play in the planning process.
  • Human/behavioural point of view – or the traveller/user perspective
  • The constructors/investors point of view


  1. Tijs Roelofs, City of Amsterdam: ‘Havenstad district’, challenges and opportunities in Amsterdam
  2. Sebastiaan van der Hijden, City of Utrecht / Robert Boshouwers Rebel group: Experiences and insights on Hubs from the ‘Merwedekanaal district’
  3. Jan Willem van der Pas, City of Eindhoven: an integrated approach to keeping economic toplocations assessable.
  4. Sander Buningh, BAM: the constructors perspective
  5. JADS: data driven policymaking (tbc)
  6. Dorine Lathouwers, 1Horse4Hire; travel behaviour experiences
  7. Marco Marechal, Connected; automation and human behaviour (tbc)


Workshop participants/contributors:

Among others the Cities of Eindhoven, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Helmond, Connected, 1Horse4Hire



Cities, automotive companies, start-ups, urban planners, knowledge institutes

Future urban mobility: the role of hubs and Mobility as a Service