Creating successful open urban data platforms

In the delivery of Smart City services and applications, open urban data platforms are playing a pivotal role. The Dutch are taking a practical approach to interoperability and data portability of these platforms. Standards on urban data platforms are quite abstract, while there is a need for practical guidelines on how to prevent vendor lock-in or monopolisation of these platforms. Moreover questions emerge on the governance and feasibility of full-scale deployment. During a round-table and interactive in-depth discussion, the public and private stakeholders will share their visions on creating successful open urban data platforms.



Open urban platforms, interoperability, governance


Discussion participants

  • Evert-Jan Mulder, Founder, Redplume (moderator)
  • Maarten Welmers, Co-chair urban data platforms, NEN (Dutch Standardisation Body)
  • Patrick van der Hoeven, Project Manager Sensor Data, Ministry of Interior of the Netherlands
  • Bert Vermeij, Business Consultant, ESRI
  • Peter van Burgel, CEO, Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX)
  • Bob Nieme, CEO, Datastreams
  • Stefan Slembrouck, Universal Smart Urban Framework
  • Mark Beermann, Partner Enterprise Summit, ICTU
  • Ben Kokkeler, Lector Digitalisation & Safety, Avans University of Applied Sciences
Creating successful open urban data platforms
Creativity room
Session 4: 15.30-16.45

Evert-Jan Mulder
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Patrick van der Hoeven
Bert Vermeij
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Peter van Burgel
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Mark Beermann
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Ben Kokkeler