Building Safer Cities with the Smart City Nervous System

A Smart City must also be a Safe City; citizen happiness and economic vitality are directly linked to feelings of safety and security. By leveraging cloud computing, big data, IoT and other innovative ICT technologies, Huawei aims to help build open, flexible smart cities and an open ecosystem to deliver the next generation of safe & secure public services. Huawei has joined with global security specialists to create public safety solutions that digitally transform cities, making them both safer and smarter.

Accelerating urbanization presents extensive challenges for cities in terms of infrastructure and safety. In this context, city officials are relying on ICT to help protect the public. Huawei has partnered with global security specialists to provide comprehensive public safety solutions. These solutions provide convergent command and visualized dispatching to improve emergency response time. Cloud platforms and intelligent analytics combine to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of law enforcement and ensure a safe environment for the public.


Goal: To demonstrate how Huawei and their Global Security Partners use Advanced ICT for End-to-End Public Safety and explore how this would benefit your city.



Presentation / Round table


ThemeSafety & Security


Facilitator Information

Richard Budel, Chief Innovation Officer and Director, Industry Solutions Western Europe Government and Public Utilities

Building Safer Cities with the Smart City Nervous System
Creativity room
Session 3: 14.00-15.15