Looking for new waste water solutions, from waste to value

Waste water treatment plant on a neighbourhood scale for a maximum of 2.500 inhabitants. It is the central part of the ‘new sanitation’ system: less water use, increasing treatment efficiency, and maximizing the recuperation of energy and nutrients. In the households, the waste water will be separated into black water (organic sludge) and grey water (slightly polluted household water). Black water will be collected and transported via a vacuum sewer system to the local plant, where energy and nutrients will be recovered and locally reuse.

‘This innovation is part of the international EU consortium City-zen in which 20 innovations are demonstrated in a learning-by-doing approach in Amsterdam and Grenoble.’


Korte Ouderkerkerdijk 7
1096 AC Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Marina Gaton
+316 20 21 80 90