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Theme: Sustainability (Energy, water & Climate)

Pitch Line
Solar energy and zero-emission buildings need seasonal storage systems with the smallest exergy loss and without any energy loss.

Emporium concept
Wansdronk develops a solar energy, zero-emission and material saving building concept Emporium. A warm water storage container and heat collectors provide the space heating and hot water supply, and a cold water storage container and cool collectors deliver the space cooling and cooling source for the refrigerator. The water circulates without pumps; instead it uses thermosiphon, and therefore requires no high-grade energy such as electricity or fuel.

Low-exergy system
The Emporium concept is characterized as a seasonal heat storage with the smallest exergy loss (low-exergy), and without any energy loss. In this case exergy (applicability or quality of energy) stands for the temperatures which are used in the Emporium system, and which are as close as possible to the demand temperatures (20 ˚C indoor and 45 ˚C shower). The heat storage water temperature is above these two demand temperatures and below 100 ˚C, and 50 to 90 ˚C over the year. These temperatures are produced with a vacuum tube semi-transparent solar heat collector which is integrated in the southern facade of the building. The seasonal heat storage volume is integrated with the building volume to achieve that all heat storage losses (more than 50% through 50 cm glass or stone wool insulation) flow into the building and are used as indoor heating.

H2020 CHESS-SETUP project
The Horizon 2020 Combined HEat Supply System by using Solar Energy and heaT pUmPs (CHESS-SETUP) project shows combinations of solar thermal (ST) energy production, seasonal heat storage, and high efficient heat pump use https://www.chess-setup.net/



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