Voldaan Factoring

Allowing SME business owners to regain control over their company by unleashing potential cash flow from unpaid invoices

SME’s have no sufficient access to funding. Due to regulation banks don’t seem to be able to fund the SME’s profitably. We can and we do. Voldaan is a 2014 founded factoring company dedicated to the SME. We allow entrepreneurs to take their own decisions. When liquidity is needed an invoice is sold to us. We don’t require PG’s or annual reports only the invoice is taken as collateral. When there is no need for extra cash there won’t be any transaction and therefor no cost. With us you only pay as you go.


Voldaan Factoring
Hambakenwetering 5
5231 DD 's-Hertogenbosch
The Netherlands

Alex Frijters
+316 57 57 40 37