Theme: Smart City as a whole

Pitch Line: Connectivity is so much more than smart connections between networks or the technique we use to make contact. In the end, life is all about feeling connected. With each other, with loved ones, friends and family. With the things that matter to them. So they can fully enjoy everything the world has to offer. And people, companies and society can progress. That is why the mission of VodafoneZiggo is: enjoyment and progress with every connection.


Product/project description: Co-operation with a leading city, – technology company and VodafoneZiggo with new technologies and applications for people and society e.g. smart mobility, health. We looking for the momentum to sign a MoU which is allready alligned based on socially challenges. The co-operation is related to a international program based on relevant business-modelling with a co-finance structure.

Atoomweg 100
3542 AB Utrecht

Rene Visser
+31 611392091