Theme: Urban Mobility

Pitch Line
Urban Dynamics; our answer to increasing urbanization with complex traffic situations and multi-modal means of transportation by increasing the accessibility and throughput of a city using smart camera’s with Artificial Intelligence to optimize traffic of pedestrians, cyclist and vehicles.


WHY: Increasing world population and urbanization leads to complex mobility issues. Our objective is to make cities more accessible and safer by optimizing the traffic throughput. Meanwhile we enable you to get insights in traffic participants and behaviour to localize bottleneck- and unsafe situations.

HOW: We monitor all traffic participant to observe and understand their behaviour using Artificial Intelligence in a small low-power device to harvest huge amounts of multi-modal specific traffic data with the use of a camera as a sensor. Our software processes images, analyzes it and hands you over the location, direction, speed, type of traffic participant, behavior, waiting time, queue length, traffic violations, and more for traffic control and decision making.

WHAT: our versatile data enables city owners and traffic management clients to make sound decisions in regards to traffic management, retail management, spatial planning, road safety optimization and more.

Urban Dynamics is in a commercially available and deployed in serveral cities, but is still subject to enhancement as our AI models are continuously learning to recognize and understand more traffic details.

NOW WHAT: our aim is to utilize Urban Dynamics in 10 different countries in 2 to 3 years.



Egbert Jaspers
+31 40 2366761