Utrecht Region

Pitch Line: We opt for healthy growth, for healthy, happy inhabitants in our attractive and prosperous cities: our mission is to be the healthy heart of Europe.

How wonderful would it be if you were helped to determine a walking or cycling route on the basis of good air quality? Or if the police are automatically alerted to noise pollution? And imagine if the intensity of the light from lampposts automatically adapts to passers-by: this contributes to both energy savings and safety.

Shortness of breath, crowds, noise pollution: living in an urban environment brings challenges. By 2030, sixty percent of the world’s population will be living in urban areas. How do we ensure that despite increasing congestion, it remains a pleasant healthy environment in which to live and work?
We tackle the challenges that come with population growth. We cleverly bring together creative and bold scientists, start- and scale ups, large and small companies and governments, technologies from the Netherlands and abroad to create meaningful Smart City solutions for healthy living in an urban environment. We don’t just invent experiments and smart solutions, we also apply the ideas, here in the Netherlands and further afield. With increasing urbanisation in our own region and throughout the world, healthy urban living is gaining in importance everywhere.

With leading knowledge and educational institutions, a well-educated population, both young and old, and strong companies we are constantly working together to find new solutions with passion. Our ambition is to remain young, innovative, close-knit and progressive.
“Wij en iZi” – Healthy long-life at home through development of communities and digital care technology


Utrecht Region

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