uHoo makes the world healthier one breath at a time by providing Indoor Air Quality measurements, insights and solutions

The vision of uHoo is to provide insight and solutions for the quality of the air that people breathe by using IoT devices and cloud-based information technology. In 2017 uHoo launched a very advanced indoor air quality sensor to make the complexity of the air visible at any time. The uHoo sensor warns if the measured values of 9 air parameters are outside the established standards. The equipment measures 75% of the values needed to achieve good indoor climate. Contaminated indoors is visually barely visible. However, indoor air quality has a major impact on wellbeing, cognitive functions, productivity and sick leave. It has also been shown that a healthy air and thermal climate has a very positive impact on the cost structure of an organisation and the economic value of a building. Besides this uHoo measurements can also be used to obtain a BREAM or WELL certificate or to maintain it. That is why it deserves great attention from constructors, builders, tenants, every facility service and investors both in renovation and new construction. Meanwhile, uHoo has gained worldwide experience with various projects, including offices, educational institutions and hospitals, which have led to a significant improvement and insight into indoor air climate.


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