Theme: Urban Mobility

Pitch Line
TNO has developed an interactive tool for spatial planning that provides detailed insight into the effects of modifications to the surroundings: Urban Strategy.

Cities face complex challenges to reduce CO2 emissions, noise and traffic pollution and keep the city attractive, liveable and healthy. Urban Strategy enables you to realize comprehensive and well considered solutions to these challenges and has already proved its value many times in practice. It is an objective tool that has the added benefit of significantly reducing the duration of your planning projects. A process that once took weeks to months can now be reduced to just a few days.

The City of Amsterdam and TNO cooperate to further develop Urban Strategy and put it in practice on challenges such as mobility planning, urban planning and the environmental quality. Urban Strategy provides fast insight in the effect of strategies and measures to improve living quality for citizens.

TNO and Amsterdam would like to connect with other smart cities and share experiences and ideas.



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